Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing Bill Guest

Introducing Bill Guest, Pagan Cellar Jewelry

Brief Bio
I started off working in the banking/finance world after college, but recently went back to school for photography. I am an avid vintage jewelry collector. I love to spend time hunting for rare and neat pieces for my collection and for my store. I started collecting vintage jewelry back in my teens when my grandmother gave me one of her old cameos. I also have a large collection of vintage rosaries from all over the world.

I am in the Chicagoland area but when I am hunting I travel all over Illinois or where ever else my work might take me. My business got its name from my previous store PaganCellar which sold hand made soaps, jewelry and wiccan items. In 2008 started adding vintage pieces to my shop but felt it was becoming overwhelmed and opened PaganCellarJewelry in Oct 2008. I think my shop stands out form others due to the eclectic variety I offer in both products and prices. My overall goal is to help share the fun and excitement of collecting vintage with collectors of all ages and financial means. I love nothing more than hearing back from a buyer on how much they loved a piece and what they will be doing with it.

How and when did you get involved in selling jewelry?
I started selling handmade in 2007 and incorporated vintage in 2008. The main reason I started selling was to make room in my house! Then it became even more of a passion to collect, sell and share the joy of vintage

What do you most enjoy about selling vintage jewelry?
Getting to see so many interesting pieces and hearing what people do with them or use them for. I love when someone uses a piece for a wedding or special event.

 How do you decide what you want to buy for resale?
I try to find signed pieces that have a lot of sparkle and anytime I see a Cameo I have to get it. Many of them I end up keeping since I love them so, but I do have many for sale. I always consider the condition of the piece and what the popular selling trends are.

What is your favorite resource for researching vintage jewelry?
Google is a magical site!! I also use http://www.illusionjewels.com/costumejewelrymarksl.html when I am trying to identify a mark I have never seen.

What is your favorite era or style of jewelry and do you have an example of a favorite piece?
I love Cameos, the older the better. I love how they are carved and bring you back to a more simple time of life.  When you’re standing in front of a table full of jewelry, what catches your eye? Cameos and shiny things (does that mean everything? LOL). I usually go towards cameos and rings; I love to see ring settings and designs. I love large chunky cocktail rings as well. The more bling the better.

How do you most benefit from being a member of VJSE?
My views and stats are higher since joining. I also learn something new all the time; so many great minds with a similar passion working together is a great thing.

What is your favorite method of promoting the VJSE Team and your shop?
I am a fan of Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter. I spend time each day hitting all the social networks and then working my Etsy circles.
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