Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Weekly Feature: VJSE Member Interviews

We thought it would be fun to interview our team members
 and share a little bit about how they got started collecting and selling vintage jewelry! 
Our first featured shop interview is with 

Donna Fluegel owner of Etsy shop: 

We are very proud to announce that Donna will be interviewing VJSE Member shop owners and sharing their stories in the future.

Lisa and I want to say a big THANK YOU Donna for being our first interviewed shop
and, thank you so much for volunteering to do future shop interviews!
Lisa and Gayla

Brief Bio –  

Collecting (aka “picking”) and using old stuff (aka“vintage”) was always something I loved. My parents were always finding uses for old stuff (aka “upcycling”).  My husband and I enjoyed going to tag sales (I was an English teacher and would hit many on the way home from my school on Fridays!) and antique shows. Most of our furniture is from the 1800s and our collection of vintage pottery and glass is overflowing onto every horizontal space.  When we retired and moved to a smaller home, we decided it was time to start selling some of our collection. We now shop for vintage to sell and of course, to add to our personal collection.

When did you become interested in vintage jewelry?

My first vintage piece of jewelry was my grandmother’s ring. As a child, I fell in love with the ring and the fact that it was my grandmom’s who died long before I was born. Mom kept it safe in her jewelry box and waited until I graduated from high school before giving it to me and I’m glad she waited. It made it even more special.

When you’re standing in front of a table full of jewelry, what catches your eye?

Shiny, sparkly pieces. Rhinestones are pure fun!

What venue for buying do you most enjoy?

I will go to any flea market within 50 miles of my house and do so on a weekly basis. I also plan ahead to visit as many flea markets as possible on vacations. Oh, and if I see a tag sale sign, I’m there! 

Coro Summer Set
What is your favorite era or style of jewelry and do you have an example of a favorite piece? 

Depending on my mood, I can go for simple and cute or big and loud (although my friends are always shocked when I don the showy pieces because that’s a new look for me). I love these simple Van Dell earrings, but also this summer set by Coro.

Van Dell Earrings
Do you have or have your sold in a brick and mortar shop?  Why did you decide to sell online? Which do you prefer?

I do consign my heavy, difficult to ship, non-jewelry pieces. I think I’m better on Etsy for jewelry because the shipping is easy and I can reach a much larger market, especially internationally.

What is your favorite method of promoting the VJSE Team and your shop?

Social media – yikes – I never even heard of half of these venues before starting on Etsy. I think I’m loving Pinterest and StumbleUpon the best because they are also fun sites. Twitter, I don’t really understand who reads any of our tweets or why, but I’m going on faith here that it works.

How do you most benefit from being a member of VJSE? 

VJSE has been a great place to meet like minded individuals who come together because of our love of vintage jewelry. The promotional side of it is important, but it’s the camaraderie and the constant reminders that I’m not in this alone that’s important to me.

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